Monday, April 11, 2011

Single motherhood is hard!

So, Heath is out of town for the week working in Hattiesburg. One would think that a grown woman, who just made 26 and is officially on the downward slide of her 20's, could handle 2 dogs all by herself. Au contaire, my friend. Au contraire. The little one is gnawing on my computer cord as I write this and the big one is howling at the neighbor's puppy so loud that I had to look out to make sure he wasn't actually in pain. The day was going pretty well, for a Monday anyway, until I decided to get a quick trim after work. Being the cheap person that I am, I thought a $12.95 trim sounded fine. I went in to WonderCuts, got this old lady that had hair like an inch long. My first mistake. Don't trust someone with really short hair when all you want is a trim. I kept telling her she was cutting too much, but by that time the damage had been done. She asks me how it feels, and I said okay. She took off my gown, but I didn't get up because my hair was still soaking wet. I said, "Aren't you going to dry it?" "That's extra." "Seriously?" "Yeah." "UM.. Well okay, I guess let's dry it." Literally 2 minutes later, she announces that shes done, even though the roots of my hair is still obviously wet. $6. $6! $6 for the drying. I could buy a travel hair dryer of my own for $6. It cost 50% of the cut to get your hair "dried". Gimme a break. A bad haircut and a rip off, way to end a decent Monday. I drive back home, constantly messing with my hair in the mirror, hoping Heath won't be able to even notice its been cut by the time he gets home on Friday. I pull up in the drive, hop out of the Jeep and feel a familiar cold nose right in my back. I jumped, turned around and find Narc just wagging his tail like he's the happiest dog alive. "What are you doing out of hte back yard!!??" And then I stood there a second, like I expected him to actually answer me. I drug him inside, where you could hear Ty wailing to be let out of the bathroom. I put Narc in the garage because I have to let Ty potty in the back yard since Heath put ant poison in the front yard. We usually take him in the front because he gets too excited and distracted by Narc in the back to actually do his business. I put Narc up, get Ty out. But no use, Ty is too excited to do anything but run in circles. I inspect the back yard and see how Narc escaped. He dug a hole under the fence into the neighbors yard. Not the neighbors to the right who have the 2 wienny dogs Narc was just howling at, but the neighbors to the left who have a big, loud, growling pit bull. Great. I attempt to stack bricks in the hole, all the while having this pit bull growl and stick his head under the fence at me. Ty is just running all around his head, like he doesn't realize he could swallow him whole in one bite! I finally get the whole filled, but Ty still hasn't pottied yet. I brought him inside and put him in the kennel and put Narc out. I came back inside, put a frozen pizza in the oven, and sat on the couch playing with Ty. We played around for about 5 minutes until he peed allll over me!! So I spank him, put him in the kennel and go through my clothes in the washer. Meanwhile, my pizza is burning. I run back inside, pull the pizza out of the oven. While it's cooling, I clean the bathroom, where Ty has made an absolute mess! Pee and poop everywhere... except of course the puppy pad. Ugh potty training is going to be the death of me. I am eating my very well done, dried out pizza when Narc starts barking and growling like someone is in the back yard. I went to the back door and as my foot stepped in the pee Ty had so graciously left inside my shoe when I wasn't looking, my hand touched the screw on the light switch and I felt a little jolt go through me. It shocked me! Seriously! These two dogs are trying to kill me! After another round of spankings for little Ty, I just had to sit down and laugh. It's only Monday. How will I ever survive until Friday when Heath finally gets home!
You know recently, I've really been having baby fever. My sister had the most handsome little boy in January. My best friend had a beautiful little girl not even a week ago. And I've been feeling like I'm missing out.... But truthfully, I've got my hands full with my two "babies" already!... But I seriously will be happy when Friday gets here and their "daddy" gets home :)

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